Churchville Engineering, LLC
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Tell us your needs and we'll identify your risks, impacts and alternatives.

We will determine the science behind the problem, evaluate your operation and compute the most performance-oriented and cost-effective solution for you, including aerospace and energy systems.

Electrical Engineering Consulting

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Churchville Engineering, LLC at our King of Prussia PA 19406 location will use its expertise in alternating and direct current; series, parallel and combination electrical circuitry; resistive, inductive and capacitive circuits; reactive loads and impedance; single and three-phase delta-wye configurations, power distribution, programmable logic controllers; automation, and control logic to:

·      Engineer systems using innovative techniques through electrical engineering and systems analysis consulting services

·      Analyze problems by collaborating your needs, researching your alternatives, and identifying your risks and impacts

·      Scope projects by identifying your resources, planning your tasks, and determining your schedules

·      Analyze resistive, inductive and capacitive circuit loading and power distribution 

·      Determine resistive and reactive circuit impedance, vector phase angles, and multi-phase power requirements

·      Validate circuit performance using deterministic methods

·      Analyze your system operations and determine control logic configurations and PLCs for automating your applications

We will formulate innovative solutions to solve your complex problems.